The Artisan Wine Fair
London, 17 & 18 May 2015

Daniele Piccinin

Daniele Piccinin

, Italy
Imported by Gergovie wines

My farm is located in San Giovanni Ilarione in the province of Verona, at the foot of Lessinia, in the Alpone Valley.

On the south-east of Monte Cimo, between 300 and 500 meters a.s.l., on a calcareous clay soil, I have set myself the goal to enhance the Durella, a variety of grape that has been ignored and that has been in the area for about a thousand years. Once, this variety took the name of Rabbiosa (that means ‘angry’) because of its typical acidity.

I chose from the very beginning to produce a wine as natural as possible, away from the world of chemistry, and, with a bit of luck I managed to do it.

In 2006 I had my first harvest and supported by the experience of Angiolino Maule we achieved to produce three wines without sulphur addition.

Bianco dei Muni
Chardonnay 50% e Durella 50%
Separated winemaking with assembly before bottling


Rosso dei Muni
Cabernet sauvignon, Merlot, Corvina, Rondinella e Molinara
Vinified all together

Pinot Nero
In purezza

In general, grapes are harvested, destemmed and left in contact with the skin for a while. As soon as fermentation begins, the grapes are pressed. Once decanted into stainless steel tanks, the grape juice is put into barrique and/or wooden barrels. After fermentation and aging (about August of the following year) the wine is blended and bottled. To understand the day of bottling just read the lot: for example
08/09/09 is the day / month / year of bottling.

Daniele Piccinin