The Artisan Wine Fair
London, 18 & 19 May 2014

Pian Del Pino Di Giovanni Batacchi

Giovanni Batacchi

, Italy
Not currently imported into the UK.
Seeking representation.

The estate, formerly known as “Podere Pian del Pino”, currently covers about 15 hectares, including vineyards (4 hectares), sowable land (7 hectares), woodland (4 hectares). In 2001 we embarked on the conversion route from industrial to organic agriculture, we shifted then to Bio-dynamics and finally to “Natural” agriculture, thus allowing soil and plants to slowly recover their life cycle. It was not easy at the beginning, our goal was not only to switch to organic methods, but also to re-establish the natural soil fertility, feeding plants through humus, finding the right cultural combinations, imitating Nature in its most intimate details (such as the search for the best vegetable intercropping and mulching), reducing monocultures, dedicating areas to hedges, woods, pastures, wetlands, so as to ensure balance between flora, fauna, landscape and agricultural areas. Today, the most commonly used words in our farm are balance and self-sufficiency. The first label, "Piandelpino", was produced in 2003 with grapes from the vineyards that surround the farmhouse. Such vineyards are the oldest ones and include different specie varieties. The second born is “Jubilus" made from pure Sangiovese grapes, then "Pianalti," our Chianti that unlike the others never undergoes barrels ageing and "Marì", the rosé.

Certified organic by Suolo e Salute