The Artisan Wine Fair
London, 17 & 18 May 2015

Klinec Medana

Aleks Klinec

, Slovenia
Imported by Gergovie Wines

The Brda - Collio region in Slovenia's far west is considered one of the most charming and scenic regions of the country. This area of gently rolling hills, occupied by picturesque villages and dotted with small churches, borders the Gorizia plains to the east and rises from the Italian Friuli plains to the Korada ridge in the north. The soil of Brda - Collio consists of marl and sandstone in alternations. Since the hills are prone to erosion , most of the vineyards must be terraced. They are open towards the Adriatic Sea and take full advantage of about 2,900 hours of sunshine per year.
The Klinec - Medana homestead has been growing wine since 1918 in a pleasant and moderate Mediterranean climate in which figs, cherries, and peaches as well as olives thrive in a fertile soil that also yields the distinctive grapevines of the region.

Today, we cultivate about 6 hectars, growing a wide variety of grapes respecting the rules of biodynamic farming .The vineyards are located in an ideal micro-climate of sunlit slopes, covered by soil rich in minerals. The interaction between climate and soil, plus diligent cultivation, accounts for the presence of outstanding grapes. We are working hard to transfer the best from these grapes to the wine .The fermentation process starts naturally and the wine mature in traditional cherry, acacia, mulberry and oak barrels. The resulting wines are of great individuality and of the highest quality.

Certified biodynamic by INŠTITUT KON-CERT