The Artisan Wine Fair
London, 17 & 18 May 2015


RAW (rɔː) – adj in a natural state; not treated by manufacturing or other processes.

RAW is a totally independent wine fair created and organised by Isabelle Legeron MW, THAT CRAZY FRENCH WOMAN. It celebrates wines with emotion. Wines that have a humanlike, or living, presence. They are also wines that are an authentic expression of a place. They are the polar opposite of industrialised, big-brand, manufactured, nothing-but-alcoholic-grape-juice wines, that use imagery and suggestion to sell a product.

RAW is about showcasing growers whose fundamental farming and cellar philosophies make these living wines possible. Many of these wines feature on the lists of the world's best restaurants. They are wines with cult followings and they're here, together, in London, for two days only so that wine lovers, connoisseurs and curious beginners alike can come together and try their wines.

RAW is a platform for bringing these artisans together, as well as their importers; potential importers; the wine producer associations to which they belong; the trade professionals who want to write about them or stock them; and the wine amateurs (or 'ones who love') who would like to discover and drink them.


Welcome to RAW: the astounding world of fine, natural wine.


Thank you to all for making RAW possible.