The Artisan Wine Fair
London, 18 & 19 May 2014

Food Stalls (2012)

Coleman Coffee Roasters is a small batch coffee roastery based in south east London specialising in high quality arabica coffees from around the world. The coffees are selected based on quality and traceability. The roasters retail their lovely coffees at 55 Stanworth Street aka Maltby Street every Saturday and sell their coffees in the food hall at Selfridges and in Leila's shop round the corner from RAW. Coleman will be selling coffees for the two days at RAW to keep everyone perky and lively for the duration of the fair and you will be able to buy bags of freshly roasted coffee to take home with you. "Coleman coffee alone is worth a trip to Maltby Street. I love it" (Isabelle Legeron MW). For more information, visit their website:

We are delighted to announce that Ducksoup will be running a pop-up cafe for the two days of RAW. Here is a bit about them in their own words: "Inspired by the neighbourhood restaurants of France, Ducksoup is a small natural wine bar and restaurant in Soho based around the simple idea of eating good food and enjoying delicious, interesting wine. Our small eclectic menu is hand-written daily and features deliious seasonal cooking inspired by our European Travels. Our wine list is short with only 10 wines that we change weekly. We sell natural and biodyamic wines that are grown by small artisan winemakers. We delight in finding great wines and sharing what's new. Enjoy eating and drinking!"

The lovely people from Elliot's Cafe (who hosted all our talks at The Natural Wine Fair last year) are hosting a wild, English oyster shucking stall at RAW.


Elliot's is located in London's Borough Market, which has been a part of London's food culture since the 13th century and has existed at its current location since 1755. Elliot's aim is to build on these traditions by working closely with the market traders and offering a menu which directly reflects the range of produce you will find available on any particular day. It's the second venture from Brett Redman and Rob Green who also run the Pavilion Cafe in Victoria Park.



The Hansen & Lydersen family recipe was devised in 1923 by fishmonger Lyder-Nilsen Lydersen. His grandson, Ole Hansen, has now brought his great-grandfather’s recipe to London.

 He sources salmon from a sustainable farm in the extreme wilderness of the Faroe island, hand-filets it, hand-salts it, leaves it to cure for 6-7 hours and then cold-smokes it slowly in the brick kiln that is his smokehouse in Stoke Newington, North London. Inside the smoking chamber, he has even re-created the humidity and temperature of Kirkenes, which means "he subjects to salmon a strong wind", keeping it moving throughout the smoking process. The exquisite salmon is stocked by the likes of The Boundary, in Shoreditch, and Nuno Mendez's El Viajante. "It's from a sustainable source, never touches plastic, never gets frozen...and it really is divine" (Tom Schulze, Stereo Stokey). For more information visit Ole's website:

Hoxton Beach - whose tagline reads "anything with a pulse" - is known for 'the best falafels in London'. More specifically, they make healthy, authentic Middle Eastern vegan food that they deliver throughout London. And why did they decide to dedicate themselves to the humble falafel? Because, as they put it, they're one of the world's great snacks. They've been enjoyed for thousands of years and chickpeas, their main ingredient, have qualities that intrigue nutritionalists. But they have to be done right and Hoxton Beach falafel sandwiches are the real deal, as enjoyed in Damascus, Cairo, Beirut, made freshly with salad, tahina and homemade organic pickles. Their goodies can be found at Planet Organic, Whole Foods Markets and at market stalls dotted around London. What's more, the owner, Patrick Matthews, wrote one of the first English language books on natural wine, back in 2000, called Real Wine. His first book The Wild Bunch won the 1998 Glenfiddich Awards Drink Book of the Year. So come, eat great Middle Eastern treats and chat with Patrick about wine. 

Neal's Yard Dairy buys cheese from about seventy cheesemakers from around Britain and Ireland. Many of the cheeses are aged in their own maturing rooms in Bermondsey, which are in brick railway arches under the main line from London Bridge to Dover. The insulation provided by the Victorian brickwork maintain good conditions for the cheese: humid and cool. The mature cheese is then sent out to our two shops in London and to shops and restaurants all over the world.

"Our main aim is to keep in close contact with the cheesemakers and customers and above all to be in very close contact with all the cheese passing through our hands. We visit some cheesemakers very often; Randolph Hodgson, owner of Neal’s Yard Dairy, selects our cheddars by visiting the West Country every eight weeks and tasting through young cheese to select the batches that will be matured on for us. Apart from trying to find the best cheese available this is also an opportunity for the cheesemaker to get a sense of how their cheeses are being received by customers."

Way before they were cultivated by humans, cacao trees were grown under the lush canopies of diverse forest communities. This is how they want to grow and it's the way that ensures the most intense and flavourful beans... the original beans. Original Beans is an award-winning chocolate and conservation company founded on the simple idea that what we consume we must replenish. Original Beans chocolates have won several international chocolate awards, are served in restaurants such as the Fat Duck, Hibiscus, Caprice, and others, and have been accredited as only chocolate supplier by the Sustainable Restaurant Association. For every bar you buy, local community farmers plant a tree that will support the forest; not just rare cacao trees, but a mix of trees necessary for lively biodiversity. Active replanting is the best buffer to protect old, primary rainforests. Each Original Beans bar contains a lot number, which designates the location of a new tree so that you can track your contribution.  

As Georg Ludwig Hartig (who helped coin the term sustainability or “Nachhaltigkeit” and happens to be the forefather of one of original beans' founders) wrote in 1791 “any wise forest management must use the forest in such a way that generations thereafter can draw at least as much advantage from it as the presently living generation has". 

Signe Johansen is a food anthropologist and cook who grew up in Norway but now lives in London. She trained at Leiths School of Food & Wine, and after graduating worked in the Experiemntal Kitchen at Heston Blumenthal's Fat Duck at Bray. Signe's first book, Secrets of Scandinavian Cooking... Scandilicious, was published last year to great acclaim and was selected as one of the best cookbooks of 2011 by a whole host of national broadsheets, including The Guardian and Independent, amongst others - “Practical and inspiring” – Daily Telegraph; “If you thought Scandinavian food was all about herring, think again. It is, as they say in the fashion world, so hot right now; as is Johansen. A food anthropologist with a winning style and a great way with a recipe” – Financial Times. Signe's second book, ‘Scandilicious Baking’, is due for publication later this year. To follow Signe on twitter or to read her popular blog specialised in modern Scandinavian cooking and baking, visit:

Signe is teaming up with Ole Hansen, the Norwegian salmon man from Stoke Newington, at RAW to offer a Scandivanian platter of deliciousness. She will be doing a book signing at her stall as well so come armed with a copy of her book or buy one off her directly on the day!

Violet is a small cake company based in East London. Best known for American-style cupcakes made with limited edition buttercream icings that change with the seasons. The icings that top the moist little sponge cakes, are made by whipping up butter and sugar then gently folding in fresh fruit purees, melted Valrhona dark chocolate, freshly brewed espresso, home-made flower cordials or dark caramel made with sea salt. Spring brings Elderflowers, gooseberries, rhubarb and Alphonso Mango icings; in the Summer we use Kentish cherries and strawberries, raspberries and blackberries from Suffolk and Dorset blueberries. In the Autumn we puree figs, Fragola grapes from Italy, and local apples and quinces. Winter is the time for oranges, lemons, clementines, and grapefruit. Originally from California, Claire Ptak worked as a pastry cook and later pastry chef for Alice Waters at Chez Panisse in Berkeley before moving to London with her husband where she started Violet which has been selling cakes at Broadway Market since late 2005 to a very loyal following. "Her friends have nicknamed her claire cakes... Jamie Oliver calls her his favourite cake maker, and her shop, Violet, is an East London landmark" (Jamie Magazine).